Sweet revenge

Have you ever lost all your money at gambling? Because so did I. I visited casino for the first time in my life and decided to play several casino games. I knew nothing about them and sometimes I even did not know which game I played. I just made my bets and lost money. I do not remember how much time I’ve spend there, but I lost everything which I had, for sure. And then I’ve decided that I do not want to be loser at casino gambling, I want to be a winner! Since then I’ve started to learn everything on casino gambling. Some time later, I’ve decided to create a website, where each new player can find really useful information as for his first game but also for his future gambling activity.

When player wants to have the best gambling experience, he chooses Playtech games. This company has been founded 15 years ago and today it is one of the leading providers of gambling software. More than 500 gambling sites are operated by Playtech, and many players have rated them as the best ones. These casinos always offer not only huge game choice and regular updated of game list, but also different promotions for players. For example, latest playtech bonuses have attracted players from all over the world, as they promise not only more opportunities to play, but also help players enjoy casino games even when they cannot make real money bets! Try playtech options by yourself!

To make a good start in an online casino a good decision will also be to use some of the bonuses which online casinos usually offer. There are a lot of them: welcome deposit bonus, welcome no-deposit bonus, reload bonus, monthly bonus, weekly and daily bonus, refer a friend bonus, etc. All of them are good to player, but some of them are available for claiming only for new players or loyal clients. You can find list of bonuses for maple casino and choose several which are perfect for you. It will be a great idea to use them in your game!

When I tried online casino for the first time I was pleasantly surprised, as it offered my favorite games with better odds and varieties, which I have never seen in traditional casinos. I tried to play all of the games. To tell you the truth, it is very difficult to win, when you do not use special game strategies, which are aimed to help in winning. I used betting systems and it saved me from big loses. Follow my advice: never play game, rules of which you do not know unless you feel comfortable throwing your money out.

Now I know that blackjack game is available at each online casino, but then it was so strange to play not at the real table with virtual dealer. But, in fact, the game was the same I’ve got used to. You may find everything important which concerns blackjack at my website, so if you want to read this information right now – just click the corresponding link! You may also read some professional literature on blackjack gambling, which was written by the best blackjack players of all times. I was considered to be a master of blackjack, but I’ve decided that writing books takes too much time and there are so many of those, who want to read information on blackjack, as well as other games, just right now. As a result, this website appeared.

On this very site I gathered a community of gamblers who are interested in casino gambling. These gamblers help me to find only the best online casinos for gambling to inform you about them. It takes so much time to trace all of them! But this is pleasure for us and I hope that it will be good for players, who have no time to do that. Here you will find full information on the most profitable casino bonuses at casinos online and also I'll write some teaching articles of how to get big amounts of money from casino!

Top 10 Places to Play Casino
# Where to Play US Bonus Match Software
1. GoCasino $300 100% Vegastech
2. RomeCasino $800 100% Topgame
3. WinPalace $300 200% Realtimegaming
4. OnlineVegas $500 225% Vegastech
5. RushmoreCasino $900 125% Realtimegaming
6. ClubUSA $150 250% Realtimegaming
7. LasVegasUSA $777 200% Realtimegaming
8. SlotsPlusUSA $777 100% Realtimegaming
9. SlotsOasis $800 150%
10. EnglishHarbour £100 50% Vegastech