3rd Deposit Bonus List

If you thought that the bonuses stop once you join a casino and make an initial deposit, you are completely wrong. Many casinos include additional promotions to get you to continue playing on their platform and do not move to rivals. That is why you can expect even a 3rd deposit bonus as long as you choose the right provider.

Regardless of what you may think, this is not an unusual occurrence as gambling websites know to be giving and generous to their users. Let’s take a look at the details related to this program.

Min DepositNot Required
Bonus CodeNot Required
Min Deposit€10
Bonus Codewelcome3
Min Deposit€10
Bonus CodeWIN200
Min Deposit€20
Bonus Code138slots3eur
Min Deposit$25
Bonus CodeDEP3
Min Deposit£15
Bonus CodeTRIO3
Min Deposit€25
Bonus CodeNEWP100
Min Deposit€20
Bonus Code500THIRD
Min Deposit€25
Bonus Code100SLOTS
Min Deposit€20
Bonus CodeNot Required

How Does the Multi-Tiered Bonus Work?

In case you haven’t had any experience with a welcome bonus in an online casino, let us tell you a bit more about multiple tiers. In short, many platforms will award you not only the first time you make a deposit but on several following occasions when you add funds to your account.

At this moment, most of the gambling providers go up to delivering a 3rd deposit bonus and that is where they stop. However, the great news is that this deal is also filled with some neat extras and it also implies that you received a free gift from your desired casino three times!

The multi-tiered bonus works like this – for example, the first time you add funds to your account, you get a double match, on the next occasion, you can expect 80% bonus while the third addition brings a bonus of 50% of your invested amount. The numbers might vary, but if you follow this example and invest $50 every time, it means that you get an additional $115 for gambling.

You have to admit that it sounds great that someone would give you such a hefty amount for wagering as a reward for being their player!

Is the 3rd Deposit Bonus Higher or Lower Than the Previous Ones?

The truth is that this incentive is, in most cases, a bit lower than the previous two, but that doesn’t mean it is not attractive. In fact, most casinos try to make it equally tempting because they know it plays a huge part in attracting new players to their platform. Aside from extra cash, your bonus may also include some free spins and even extra credits to use on slots or table games.

Why You Should Read Terms and Conditions of the Deal?

Many people hastily proceed to apply for a deal before analyzing all its perks. However, you should always ensure to read the terms and conditions of the deal so that you can make the most out of it. First of all, this information will reveal what kind of bonus will you receive for your investment.

We already mentioned that this differs from one casino to another, which is why you need to take some time to analyze all the tiers of the bonus. This is the best way to make sure that you found the casino that perfectly suits your needs and expectations.

Aside from that, the terms also include all the specifics of the agreement. Some casinos may decide to release your bonus gradually and you may get a portion of the promotion on a daily or weekly basis. Also, the majority of casinos provides a timeframe when you need to use the awarded amount.

Finally, you need to check out the information about withdrawing the bonus. Some casinos may require you to wager the sum once, but there are others that request 2x or 3x wagering before making the sum available for cashing out.

The good news is that all specifics of the 3rd deposit bonus deal are mentioned in terms and conditions. The online casinos are known for respecting their customers and you can rest assured that they will follow the agreement closely.

What Is Included?

We can safely assume that you will receive a certain cash bonus on your deposit. However, some platforms may include additional perks, such as free spins. This will enable you to play slots for free and test your luck in winning the jackpot or at least grand money. Keep in mind that this incentive may be eligible for just a couple slot machines that the administrators selected.

How to Qualify for the Bonus?

In case it wasn’t clear, the way to become eligible for a 3rd deposit bonus is to add funds to your account on the selected platform for the first time. Some providers may not require anything additional while other gambling websites may need you to enter promotional codes or contact a customer agent to let them know that you added funds to your account.

Either way, the entire process shouldn’t last for more than a day and you should enjoy the extra playing cash soon enough. The only remaining thing to do is to select the desired playing platform and start receiving the bonuses!