Casino Bonuses 2019

Hence, they are seen as the best thing that can happen to an online casino game player. Therefore, getting them is of importance to any casino player who is determined to win as much as possible.

The average casino player does not just spin the reels for the fun of it; they do that while looking for casino bonuses because of the double benefits they offer. First, bonuses improve your chances of winning big; second, they offer you more money with which you can continue to play and win of course.

There are various types of bonuses you can have access to that further bolster up your chances of winning and getting more funds. Generally speaking, there are actually just two types - deposit-required type and the other types which do not require deposits. However, they can be further subdivided into four types. They are:

  • Free Spins
  • No-deposit free spins
  • Bonus money
  • Rewards points

Each one of them is discussed below:

Free Spins

Based on their jurisdiction, online casinos offer free spin casino bonuses. Sometimes, big names in the online casino business offer you this bonus either to encourage you to try them out, or as an incentive, they add to your deposit bonus. Hence, they may be added upon registration or after deposit.

Heard of super spins, mega spins or big spins? They are all different names that are used by the various online casino to describe the same thing - free spins. Never forget that various online casino has their peculiar wagering requirements that have to be met before the casino bonus is handed out. Hence, it will be a good thing for you to know what the wagering requirement of the casino you are playing your game to avoid any form of frustration.

No-deposit free spins

Unlike Free spins, the great thing about No-deposit free spins is that they do not require you to pay any deposit before you can have access to them. This type of bonuses is primarily meant to let you try out new games and make your judgment before you finally decide to sign up and deposit with that particular online casino. Hence, online casinos offer no-deposit free spins with the hope that it will encourage you to sign up and deposit with them soonest.

It is the online casino that however decides the slot in which you can use the free spin. Besides, there are also often wagering requirements that have been set by the online casino before you can become eligible to withdraw the bonus. Some may make theirs 25× while some may make theirs up to 50×. Just make sure you are conversant with the wagering requirements of the particular casino on which you are playing the game.

Bonus Money

Asides free spins, another bonus that can be enjoyed in online gaming is the bonus money. There are two variants- bonus cash and free money. What is the difference between these? At the onset of the deposit, the bonus you get is the bonus cash. However, free money has nothing to do with deposit, and they are given to you even before you deposit.

Bonus cash is given in various forms such as a welcome package for latest members, ongoing promotions or as a one-off offer. Free money is a little different, and it is offered once you verify your mobile phone number and start getting promotional messages for some casinos. Don’t just look out for the welcome package to get bonus cash, and there are also recurring promotions which you need to look out for two to stand the chance of getting bonus cash.

Reward points

The last variant of casinos bonuses to be discussed are the reward points. They may come in the form of loyalty funds which can be exchanged for free spins, deposits bonuses or other gifts. Most online casinos have this bonus. What often transpires is that instead of giving you welcome packages or promotions, they would rather give you loyalty points.

Most people prefer bonus cash to free money due to the lesser restriction placed on how you can use the bonus cash, unlike the free spins. The free spins typically are only eligible for some specific slots and games while you have the luxury of choosing what you desire to spend your bonus cash on.

All in All

Every casino bonus is desirable because they all offer you the higher chances of winning as well as having more funds with which to play the game. However, some are more desirable than others as a result of the less stringent policies that comes with them. For example, people often prefer the casino bonuses that do not require them to pay deposits to the ones that require deposits. People also often prefer bonus cash to free spins.

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