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Casino bonuses offered to attract and retain customers

One of the best ways to attract new customers, in addition to retaining the existing ones, is to offer casino bonuses. These bonuses offer an extra boost to the players and motivate them to try for more.

Sign up bonus

Almost all online casinos have irresistible sign up bonuses being offered to new customers. Most often than not, these bonuses are in the form of cash that can be used to play the games online. In order to withdraw this amount, players need to play for a specified amount of time. Sign up casino bonuses can also be in the form of free usage time up to a certain limit or a few free games. While some casinos may offer one month free trial period, there are many others that may offer about 35 spins on a roulette table free of charge.

Deposit bonus

In addition to sign up bonuses, a few online casinos also offer deposit bonus. There will be a certain amount given to you as a bonus when you make your first deposit. Let us assume you make a deposit of $50 and the online casino offer a 50% deposit bonus; then, your account will be credited with an additional $25. The deposit bonus varies from one casino to the other and can range from 20% to 200%. There are also special bonuses for some particular game, e.g. blackjack.

Bonuses for existing customers

Customers who regularly play at online casinos are offered bonuses for a number of reasons. Starting with the deposit bonus, they are also eligible for bonuses offered for wagering bets and also winning. A percentage of the wager amount is returned to the customer as a bonus. Exorbitant prize money is also offered to existing customers as a part of bonus. These high stake games require larger amounts as deposits from the customers and are highly competitive.

Loyalty bonuses are also offered to regular clients. Most often, this bonus is aimed towards customer retention. Once a certain amount has been wagered on bets or the player has played a certain number of times, this bonus is offered. The bonuses increase as the player continues to visit the same online casino and engage in a number of betting games offered.

The prizes or the amount offered as bonuses vary from one casino to the other; however, they are given out at regular intervals. There are some massive bonuses which may include a holiday package or cash incentives, but they are not paid out as often as the normal bonuses.