How Many Table Games you Know?

Casino table games are classic games that can define what casino is. One of the most common table games that you can find inside casinos is a card game called blackjack. Another is the well-liked game by many casino players which is poker. A poker game is played in a separate unique room. There are craps and roulette that are famous table games. So how many table games you know inside a casino? We do not mean some particular casino, but any of them. Of course, you will name roulette and blackjack, poker, craps, baccarat, some will name even more names. If you are new to casino this question may be a little bit frustrated for you, but do not be disappointed, just make a visit to one of the online casinos. Have you seen Unibet casino already? Visit it now and look through all the games offered. You need to familiarize yourself with these diverse table games.


You will find this table game very exciting as it involves a spinning wheel and a ball. You will find 37 pockets in a roulette wheel for European casinos, while in American casinos there are 38 pockets. You will find these pockets in colored black or red and they have numbers that were arranged in a definite format. Players can bet from different combinations of colors and numbers to give players the opportunity to place their bets in any way they want. You can choose from either inside or outside bet. The inside bet are bets that are placed on the exact pocket while outside bet can offer wide range of pocket around the table. If you want an outside bet, then you are allowed to bet on the color in which the ball will fall or choose whether it will land on add or even number.

Game of Craps

If you want an exciting casino game, then you should try craps. This table game involves the use of dice. You need to bet on the outcome of the dice. You can bet on a single roll of a pair of dice or for the sum of series of rolls. Craps allows players to only bet against the bank and not with other players. A player will roll the dice once all bets are placed on the table. The one who will roll the dice is known as “shooter”. The casino will take all the bets and give payouts depending on the odds. The exciting part of this game is that each player has a chance to become the shooter as it moves clockwise around the table. In case you do not want to be a shooter, then you can pass it on to the next player.


This is another famous table game that is also known as twenty one. If you love to play cards, then this is the table game is for you. The main objective of this game is for the player to reach 21. Players are given two cards and they can draw cards from the deck of cards in case they are not satisfied with the dealt cards. This is a fast paced table game. If you reach an exact 21, then you will win the game but you can also win the game if you are below 21.

Table games are the main attractions in every casino. There are different variations of table games once you choose to play either online or offline.