Match Deposit Bonuses List

When you want to head online and play in a casino for the first time, everything may seem a bit confusing. You noticed that many platforms offer a match deposit bonus, but you are not sure what that even means, let alone which one you should choose. Fortunately, we did the footwork for you and provided you with all the relevant information about this option below.

Min Deposit€20
Min Deposit£50
Bonus CodeNot Required
Min Deposit$25
Bonus CodeDEP4
Min Deposit€25
Min Deposit€25
Bonus CodeNEWP75
Min Deposit€25
Bonus CodeNot Required

Match Deposit Bonus – Various Types

When choosing among the casinos that offer this type of bonus, you should know that there are several variations of it. The conditions may be different, but the general rule of thumb is that you can divide the match bonus into three different categories:

  • 50% match – this will add half of the sum you invest. For example, if you invest $100, you can expect an additional $50, bringing the total playing sum to $150.
  • 100% match – you could say that this is the most common match offered these days in online casinos. It will double up your amount. For example, if you invest $100, your match will be the same, so the total sum to play would be $200.
  • 200% match – some platforms are so generous that they will provide a huge boost for your first investment. If you choose to add $100 to your account, the provider will add an extra $200. In some cases, this amount can be even higher, but that usually involves gradual release of the extra cash over time.

Aside from this, you may also receive some complimentary spins on slot machines. If you are a fan of slots, this will be great news for you. After all, it can’t hurt to try to spin several times. Even if you are a new player, the jackpot may be waiting for you.

Can You Use This Promotion Multiple Times?

This depends on the casino, but the general rule of thumb is that you can use the match deposit bonus multiple times. However, the terms may vary and the amount may depend on the time you are utilizing the deal. Most casinos will offer this promotion until you invest up to three times. On the first occasion, the amount may be up to 200% or more.

However, it will probably decrease on the next couple of opportunities, but they are still a chance to get some free cash for wagering.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Match Promotion

There are certain things to keep in mind so that you can choose the match deal as smart as possible.

  • Wagering requirements – this term is used to determine how many times you have to bet the sum in order for it to become eligible for withdrawal. The most frequent case is that the wagering requirements are 2x or 3x the bonus, but they may vary depending on the size of the free money and the platform.
  • Time Limit – sometimes, the match deposit bonus is time-sensitive. It means that the casino will offer a certain timeframe for utilizing the free cash and trying to make it eligible for cash out.
  • Minimum Amount Required – some providers have a lower limit set to qualify for the match when adding the funds to your account. The restriction should be fairly low and acceptable for most players.
  • Maximum Match Amount – keep in mind that the platforms have a restricted maximum amount when paying the extra cash for wagering. These limits are set pretty high so you shouldn’t be affected by them unless you are a high roller.
  • The List of Eligible Games – on some platforms, you can only use the extra amount for betting on slots while others restrict the match to table games. Make sure to check the complete list of the games eligible and ensure that it fits your preferences and expectations.
  • Gradual Release – you need to carefully read the terms and conditions as some match deals have a so-called gradual release. For example, they may claim to deliver a 500% increase to your investment. You hurry up to apply as that means extra $100 on your $20 investment. However, you soon realize that this means you will receive $5 each week over the next twenty weeks. This is an extreme example, but the point is that some casinos use the option of gradually releasing the match deposit bonus.

Now that you have all the information, you may proceed to choose the right casino to play in. Make sure to take your time conduct the analysis as the terms of the promotions significantly vary from one platform to another. When you are applying, make sure to utilize the codes if the provider requires you to do so. The only thing remaining for us to do once you have the extra money available is to wish you good luck and lots of cashouts!