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Rules of Craps - The Foundation to Start With

Rule 1: Understand the Basic Terms

Craps rules are considered to be complicated by many, but the only way you can simplify this is by understanding the basic terms of the game. You must first know what and how to use the Come Out Roll which is the heart of the game. In fact, this is so vital to the rules of craps that it has the potential to determine if the shooter is capable of winning the game or not! Remember that craps is totaly differs from blackjack or keno.

Rule 2: Read the Marker Right

In craps, you must know to read the marker and interpret its meaning at any point of time. The marker has a special significance of showing if the player has earned his points or not. It even shows the points earned by the player by pointing to that particular number. The "On" and "Off" indication of the marker must be read right before you go ahead and interpret the scores of the player.

Rule 3: Play it Right

Now, once you understand the very basics and are ready to plunge into the game, you must know that you have to do so by establishing a bet. According to rules of craps, the bet called the pass line bet will be the first step into the game. Later, it is the numbers which will predict if you win, lose or simply continue the game. While numbers 7 and 11 are indications of your victory, 2, 3 and 12 simply ends your game. Except for these set of numbers, all other numbers simply indicate that you can continue trying your hand at the game which means you still have chances of winning it! At this stage, the number 7 has a lot of significance. The shooter winning or losing the game lies on when 7 is cast; whether it is before the player rolls his points or after that.