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Bonuses offered by online casinos to wade through the competitive industry

The brand differentiation, just like in the case of any industry, is essential in the online gaming sector too. The games provided by certain online casinos look alike since they use the same gaming software. The only aspect that differentiates such casinos is the bonus offered to their players. Players wagering at online casinos are offered motivation in the form of bonuses offered.

Match deposit Bonus

Match deposit bonus is something that all casinos provide their players with. This type of casino bonuses is awarded when the player makes a deposit. While most casinos offer a 100% match deposit bonus, the range varies from 25% to 200%. The number of times this bonus is offered also varies across the casinos on the internet. Though most of them offer it only on the first deposit, there are a few that offer the bonus for the second and third deposits too.

No deposit bonus

Most often than not, the deposit bonus comes into play once the player had made an initial payment. However, there are casinos that jump guns and provide this bonus even before the deposit is made. This is called a no deposit bonus and the amount is significantly smaller than the deposit bonus. It allows the player to familiarize themselves with the casinos and the games offered before they make their first deposit. This bonus is appropriate for almost every casino game, e.g. craps.

Monthly bonus

The primary reason for casinos to offer the no deposit and deposit bonuses is to lure customers in this highly competitive world of gaming. In addition to bringing in new customers, casinos have to also ensure they take good care of their existing customers. Monthly bonuses are offered with the objective in mind. They work on similar lines of the deposit bonus. The only differentiating aspect is that the bonus is offered on every deposit made during the month. Unlike the deposit bonus, the upper limit is not based on individual amounts but on the consolidated figure during the month.

Banking bonus

Banking bonuses are another type of bonus offered by casinos. This is a bonus offered by the casinos when players deposit funds through the channels given preference by them. A certain percentage of the amount deposited is offered as a bonus and the upper limit is based on the total amount deposited.

Refer a friend bonus

Word of mouth publicity is the best form of publicity for online casinos. The refer-a-friend bonus is the one that is offered by the casinos to encourage customers to bring in new people. Once the referral makes an initial deposit, a flat rate is credited to the player's account.