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Video Poker Strategy - The Key to a Wonderful Game

Strategy 1: Know the Difference

You may have played table poker a couple of times before, but remember that video poker is played differently and you have to understand the video poker strategy to enjoy the game better. You have to know how to handle the video poker machines to select the cards that you want to keep and throw the ones you don't, a five card hand being the standard among these games. You will have to know how to operate the "deal/draw" button in the machine which is the heart of the game itself. Your discarded cards will make way for new ones, and the key lies is trying to hit the winning combination. Always aim to hit the winning combination which brings in not just thrill into the game but the the money too! Yes, you can get richer if you play video poker intelligently and cautiously. For all you know, you can even be a pro at it after winning a couple of games.

Strategy 2: Understand the Variations

A game as popular as video poker is prone to have variations. While you may be familiar with the overall rules of the game, it is best to go through the rules in detail and look back at the video poker strategy in a new light before you start a game afresh. The constantly played variations of video poker are Deuces wild, Poker Wild etc. There is no single strategy that will let you win all the games. What is required is that extra step you can take to read the rules before you start your game and your approach to the game. If you think you are not very clear about the rules, all you have to do is play a game or two trying to recall the rules and see it being applied. Once you get a hang of it, playing video poker will be an obsession in no time.