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The intriguing game of online video poker

One of the games that is gaining huge popularity in online casinos is video poker. The history of online video poker can be traced to Fortune Coin Company in Nevada, which in the 1970's, came up with an online video game for which people had to pay in order to play. This video game was a combination of Draw Poker and bell slots. This hybrid games made online casino players go berserk and today it has a tremendous fan following.

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Learning the ropes of the game

It does not take a genius to learn video poker strategy. The rules for this game are on the lines of the draw poker. The cards are dealt as soon as you click the "Deal or Draw" button on the screen.

The aim of video poker is to get the winning hand. You can improve at the game in leaps and bounds if you know when to 'hold' on to the cards in your hand and when to 'discard' them. The cards that you discard will be replaced by another card as soon as you click on the "Deal or Draw" button.

To a person who is new to the game, video poker may seem to be similar to either slot machines or any other game of poker. However, the ones who have a deeper insight to the game will know that are two distinct qualities that differentiate this game.

First of all, the house advantage of just .46% in the game of video poker is much lesser as compared to any other game. This is very meager as compared to roulette and slots where the house advantage is in the range of 1% to 5.26%. Online video poker is a game that needs a good balance of challenge, luck and surprise.

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Playing the game of video online poker

A little poker knowledge coupled with the tips for playing slots will help you get started with the game of online video poker. The objective of the game is to make the most of the five cards that you get as soon as the cards are dealt. You can win by replacing the cards as you discard them. If you want to know about the betting, game flow and rankings associated with this game, ensure you reach out for the guide from Gambling City.